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On the Belgian energy market, the interaction between network operators and suppliers is defined in the ‘MIG’ documents. The MIG 4 version was replaced by a new version MIG 6. In addition, the existing clearing houses were being replaced by a single federal clearing house, Atrias, which communicates with the network operators via a new set of arrangements (MIG DGO).

To ensure the smooth transition of these market-wide changes, Atrias asked Methis Consulting to put a project team in place to facilitate this transition. Firstly, we defined a single, central transition plan with all of the business and technical steps involved for all of the market parties for the transition from MIG DGO, MIG 6 and CMS (Central Market System). Secondly we outlined a communication plan for all of the market players during the transition. Thirdly, we defined a test strategy for the implementation of the transition plan in order to ensure a problem-free Go-Live. Finally, we coordinated centrally the implementation of the transition plan, both in dry runs and for the live transition in order to ensure that the transition plan is carried out in the agreed way by all stakeholders (more than 65 organisations). For this to happen, the required controls were built in with upfront  acceptance criteria for decisions.

“Methis Consulting has in-depth knowledge of market communication MIG in Belgium and is a preferred partner for Atrias, energy suppliers and grid operators.”

Next to this we were also responsible for the business and functional analysis for the development of the central federal clearing house (CMS) for the settlement, infeed and billing domains.

We developed the MIG DGO documentation in close consultation with DGO specialists. The final documents were used as a business requirements platform for the development of the central federal clearinghouse (CMS). We then reviewed and validated the functional designs, based on the Atrias methodology and defined the test strategy and consequential test scenarios and test cases, based on the business and functional requirements.  Finally we tested and supported the go live and after care.


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