Corporate & Social Responsibility


Social and Sustainable Business is an important pillar that we turn it into concrete actions

Social commitment is an important pillar for Methis Consulting. We believe it is our duty as a company to invest in sustainable projects. We have selected the sustainable topics education and climate change as focal points. In order to maximize the impact of our efforts, we fund carefully selected NGOs that have the right expertise in these domains to make a tangible impact.

social commitment

Education for underprivileged children

We support educational projects for underprivileged children through NGO Cunina

Education is a basic right for all children in the world. Good education allows disadvantaged children to take their future into their own hands. But access to education is not a given for all children. This is why the work of Cunina, an independent NGO organization, is so important. Their mission is to provide underprivileged children in the South access to quality education so that they can break the vicious cycle of poverty in a structural way. In recent years we supported the construction and expansion of the Notre Dame school in La Victoire, a small village in Haiti. This school of nearly 900 students needed new facilitaties for their secondary education. Methis Consulting contributed to building classrooms and buying furniture and equipment (eg. a copier for the test and exams for the students). Today we are supporting one of Cunina's education projects in Uganda where they suffer from a shortage of teachers and overcrowded classrooms. Methis Consulting is supporting here the construction of a secondary school including a boarding school in Fort Portal.


Reducing our footprint by reforestation

Restoring Tanzania's forests with Go Forest

We support Go Forest for reforestation in locations where we have the most impact. Go Forest aims to accelerate natural restoration of forests wants to inspire and motivate both individuals and companies to not only think, but act in a future-oriented way. In cooperation with the Changamoto Youth Development Organization, we support to restore forests in the Magamba Nature Forest Reserve that were burnt down in the past. The planting, maintenance, and monitoring are done by the local communities, making sure the project not only has ecological, but also social and economic positive impacts. The aim of this project is to restore the loss of biodiversity and regain the nature of the Magamba Nature Forest Reserve by planting a total of 1,250,000 trees. Go Forest is planting more than 11 different indigenous tree species to introduce as much diversity as possible.


Let’s restore the Earth’s blue lung

Restore our coral reefs in Indonesia with Go Ocean

Go Ocean wants to support and accelerate the restoration of coastlines and ocean ecosystems, promote the resilience of our oceans against threats like climate change, and protect ocean wildlife habitat. Climate project experts select and follow up on the best ocean projects worldwide. In those projects, Go Ocean works with local people to restore the right ocean ecosystems in the right regions to have the most positive effects on biodiversity, carbon storage, employment, livelihood, and the coastal economy. Go Ocean do not just restore, but they also ensure that the restored system will be maintained and monitored. Methis Consulting supports the coral reef restoration in Indonesia. Coreal reefs are resilient ecosystems found throughout the oceans, from deep, cold waters to shallow, tropical waters. However, because of increased frequency of threats and disturbances, the reefs get damaged and often do not have enough time to naturally repair themselves. With the coral reef restoration projects, we are rebuilding damaged — and expanding healthy — coral reefs, so they can provide all the coral reef ecosystem benefits.

"Without a sense of caring there cannot be a sense of community"


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