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The objective of the project was to replace the back-office application that controls and monitors all sales data for a large Belgian public transport operator.

Methis Consulting was responsible for the project management and business analysis on the project.  Firstly, we took care of the project business lead role, including the responsibility for monitoring the project plan, supporting the project start (kick-off, setting up the project team, scoping exercise, etc.), acting as the key contact between business and IT and reporting to the business management. Secondly, we redesigned the processes and drafted a business blueprint identifying points for improvement within the process (e.g. automating activities and elimination of steps), within the organisation (e.g. evaluating the decentralisation vs. centralisation of activities), and within the application (improving user-friendliness, providing new functionalities). Thirdly, we coordinated the tests and the implementation.  In this role, Methis Consulting was responsible for drafting an implementation plan that included a pilot phase (staged rollout over 15 different regions with approximately 100 direct end-users and an indirect impact for all service desk employees), providing training to end-users, etc.

As a result, we successfully implementated the solution with no significant problems and enabled the intended centralisation (from 15  to 5 regions) to go-live after just a few months. The user satisfaction survey conducted 2 months after the go-live showed that 92.6% of users considered the new application to be an improvement.


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