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SMART Prepayment Platform

Prepayment is a means for clients to keep their energy budget under control. As smart meters offer enhanced prepayment functionalities, the grid companies consider smart prepayment as a priority within smart meter roll outs. The grid operators Fluvius, Ores and Resa therefor decided to procure a standard smart prepayment platform and to launch a pilot project. They asked Methis Consulting for its support on this important project.

“Support on the smart prepayment platform selection and pilot roll out.”

The role of Methis Consulting consisted of three components. Firstly the preparation of comprehensive specifications for the acquisition of the SMART Prepayment Platform (PPP) and the evaluation of bids received during the tendering procedure. Secondly, drafting the standard market processes (MIG) that will be used by the grid operators and the central clearing house to communicate with the SMART Prepayment Platform. Thirdly, to perform the activities related to project management and business analysis from Atrias and to monitor the involvement and alignment of all stakeholders.

As a result, a suitable prepayment platform was purchased meeting all predefined requirements and the roll-out of project was started on time.


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