Testimonial 1: Rémon

In 2019, I started working at Methis Consulting after having worked for several years as a trainee and project manager at a large grid operator in the Netherlands. Although I had a great time at my previous employer, I missed the variety in types of projects and environments and wanted to further develop my consulting skills.


When I was approached for the position as Consultant, I decided after a few pleasant conversations with the Methis management team to continue my career at Methis. Decisive factors for my choice at the time were the vision for expanding the Dutch branch, the attention to my personal development and that I can work on interesting projects with a young, motivated team.


I started on a project at a large energy company in Brussels and in a short time I learned a lot both in the field of consulting skills and in the field of coaching. In addition to being coached yourself, you are also expected to coach other Methis colleagues.


In addition to the professional aspect, a lot of attention is also paid to team building. For example, there are regular dinners, activities and knowledge sessions that contribute to a very pleasant atmosphere within the Methis team. This makes Methis an employer who, both professionally and in terms of having fun, makes a very pleasant employer to work at.


Testimonial 2: Hamza

I began my working career at Methis in 2016 and am very pleased that I joined this team.

I could see from the very beginning that Methis takes good care of its employees. There was a “Buddy” on hand to assist us when we arrived, individualised coaching in the field, transparent communication, as well as a team that was open and ready to listen. This massively improves the way knowledge is shared and promotes wellbeing in the workplace, both at the customer and internally.


The culture at Methis is also very positive: the accessibility of the team, right up to senior management (we’re all the same!), the way in which Methis involves us through monthly activities that are great fun and which have enabled me to meet the rest of the team and get to know them better, information sessions in which we are told about future projects and the company’s results.


I had always wanted to join a company that would give me the opportunity to have a career that I could personalise myself. And Methis takes my professional goals into account through a training plan that is drawn up in consultation with me. Interviews are held throughout the year to review these objectives. I have never been given the impression of having to follow a predefined path.

We also all share the same motivations, the same professionalism and the same desire to grow and deliver good-quality work, although all of the jobs are unique. This has enabled me to gain experience quickly while still remaining myself. Our opinion counts and everyone can help develop the business. At Methis, people are at the centre of things – and you can feel it!”



Testimonial 3: Isabelle

I began working at Methis Consulting as a Junior Consultant in November 2015. I remember that I was looking for a job at the time that would both challenge me and provide satisfaction. And I wanted that in a company where I could learn new things quickly. I can confirm,  this has definitely been the case!


I was allowed to start working on a project in which I received active coaching from other people at Methis. This was an enormous benefit for me and as a result I learnt a huge amount in a short space of time. I realised that Methis not only talks about its values, but really practises what it preaches – which is something that gave me confidence in Methis as an employer from the outset.


Now, I’ m a coach for  younger work colleagues myself on the project I am involved in. It is good to know that the feeling of trust works in both directions – and that you are entrusted with the responsibility for things like that.


And it’s not just coaching within the company, but also other relevant training courses have meant that I have already grown a great deal as a consultant. The courses you go on is decided in consultation within the company, which means that you can direct your own career pathway.


Methis attaches importance not only to its employees and individuals, but also to Methis as a team. It stands out a mile! Each month we all get together for a teambuilding exercise or an interesting communication session. And you don’t want to miss our annual skiing trip!


These are the sorts of things that create a good atmosphere among staff members – and they also ensure that we create a strong team.



Testimonial 4: Hans

I joined Methis Consulting in 2011 after spending a number of years working for a large consulting company. I began as Senior Consultant, but have developed since to become an experienced Manager.

During my time at Methis I have completed various projects in which my level of responsibility has grown over the years: in the beginning I worked more as a functional analyst, then as track lead. Now I am a project manager on projects that sometimes are small and at other times are larger. Throughout this pathway, I have always made every effort to stay in close contact with the content of the project.


I am also part of the management team, where we discuss the internal working and organisation of Methis Consulting and set priorities. By being involved in this thought process, handling a recruitment interview from time to time and helping coach a number of employees in their projects, etc. I feel all the more that what I do provides direct added value for Methis.


There are three main reasons why I enjoy being part of the Methis team.

First and foremost, the team itself; all of the people who work with us are extremely enthusiastic and professional. Everyone has their own unique story. We enjoy working together to deliver the best possible result – and we also have a great time at our monthly fun events.

Second, we combine the professionalism and structure of a large international company with the flexibility and dynamics of a small group. This ensures that everyone is able to make a contribution to the result and can have an impact on the way Methis works.

Finally, I like the open communication that we maintain, not only within Methis, but also with the client. That way we often act as a sounding board, which in turn benefits the way we work together and continues to strengthen the client relationship.