Change Management

Change Management

Methis Consulting assists its clients in developing and implementing a in-depth Change Management approach to integrate the changes in the organization (both in terms of the organization itself and in terms of processes and fundamental systems) as smoothly as possible into the daily operations of our clients.


For this we mainly use the PROSCI ADKAR method, the most widely used methodology for Change Management worldwide.


Typical activities in this context:

    • Elaborate Change Management approach
    • Developing stakeholder management overview & action plan
    • Preparing and facilitating road shows to explain the changes within the organization
    • Elaborate communication plan
    • Organizing and preparing training courses


For us, the critical success factors in this context are:

    • Sufficient attention to the human side of change: Change Management is much more than just a communication plan & providing training
    • The stakeholder management overview is a solid basis to keep an overview per target group of the current status & the actions to be planned, this is a must-have in an initial phase
    • A plan to maintain close contact with the target groups is crucial to keep “in touch” with the reality in the organization and to adjust the plan if necessary
    • Regular measuring points (based on e.g. online surveys) are an ideal way to measure the evolution of the organization