Business/Functional analysis


Methis Consulting has consultants who have a great deal of experience in business and functional analysis. Typical activities in this context include:


  • Capturing, analysing and documenting business requirements through workshops conducted with the various stakeholders.
  • Defining and implementing a validation approach.
  • Setting up business cases and, after implementation, checking whether the costs and benefits correspond with the initial estimates.


Critical success factors for us in this regard are:


  • In order to implement these business needs to achieve optimum effect in the underlying applications, a very thorough functional design needs to be developed. Having a well-developed functional design avoids additional modifications having to be made as much as possible during the construction and test phases. The later these changes are identified, the more expensive and risky they become.
  • Our consultants have the analytical skills, technical insight and experience required to produce blueprints that are carried forward by both business and technical stakeholders. Methis Consulting is convinced that the quality and depth of a good business and functional design is one of the more crucial aspects for the successful delivery of a project or to achieve change within an organisation. It is the base needed for acceptance in the organisation, quality technical development, total clarity during testing, a stable base for training and the ultimate realisation of the business case initially planned.